Letters to the Editor

Transit concealed carry must be denied

    The Missouri 2022 Legislative Session is underway, and two bills have been introduced that would allow individuals with conceal/carry permits to have firearms on public transit buses, vans, trains and other spaces owned or operated by public transit providers in Missouri, including Southeast Missouri Transportation Service, Inc. (SMTS).

Communism or Socialism

    If there was anyone in this world who knew the reality of communism, it was Solzhenitsyn. Anyone who wants to understand communism (socialism in this country) should take the opportunity to read the book SOLZHENITSYN by Joseph Pearce.

Meat processors getting support

    If you recently bought meat from a local farmer, you are not alone. Over the past 22 months, millions of Americans quit overpaying at the grocery store and began buying food grown closer to home. This is good news for local livestock producers and the independent meat lockers they partner with.