Letters to the Editor

Tax credit will help reduce poverty

    A recent change in federal policy offers a promising antidote to the long-running challenge of rural childhood poverty. Starting in July, most households with children began to receive monthly advances on an expanded child tax credit. The expansion was included in the American Rescue Plan passed in March.

Resist mandate

Governor Parson,
    Along with 22 other governors, I applaud your decision to fight back against President Biden’s recent vaccine mandate that is not only unconstitutional and illegal but if fully implemented will ultimately lead to complete tyranny both medically and economically for all of us here living in the United States.

Still sinful actions

    I thank Mr. Thomasma for his reply to my letter about the Boston Tea Party and the Revolutionary War. I try to be open to all viewpoints on any issue. He says that “...rehashing a 250 year old fait accompli seems to me the very epitome of a foolish controversy.”

Tell your story

    I assume the letter of 09/09/21 that appeared on the opinion page signed by Mary Young was intended to accomplish two things—sympathy for her and the impression that she was somehow wronged by my letter 08/19/21 thereby presenting herself as a victim of unfairness.