Start your scholarship search this summer

By Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick
    As a kid, summer is often a time to relax, forget about the rigors of school, sit by the pool and get a tan, and maybe earn some spending money in a summer job.  But summer is also the perfect time to get your high schooler thinking about higher education and how to pay for it.

Missouri’s Medicaid history

By Phill Brooks
    The Missouri legislature's recent special session on Medicaid involves a dominant state issue with a long and fascinating history. It begins in 1945 when Pres. Harry Truman called for a national health insurance program.

Make a health goal as relaxed as summer – just one small change

By Dr. Graham A. Colditz, Siteman Cancer Center
    In our social media-driven world, it’s the big stories and the spectacular images that can often grab the most attention. And it’s not just in topics like news, politics or sports, but also in areas that are more personal, like health and wellness. Spend just a few minutes scrolling through our phones, and we may see popular posts about 1,000-mile bike rides, jaw-dropping yoga poses and eight-course vegan gourmet meals.

Let's fix the Medicare sign-up process

By Janet Trautwein
    Each year, an obscure federal rule forces thousands of seniors to pay penalties for the rest of their lives simply because they made an honest mistake while signing up for Medicare. That number will rise unless Congress modernizes the program's enrollment process.

The price of a purge

By Phill Brooks
    A recent suggestion by a Missouri Senator of a Senate leadership purge reminded me about the last time the Senate's top leader was ousted.