Farm Bureau survey paints tentative picture of 2022

By Garrett Hawkins
    There are a few places in Appleton folks gather to drink coffee and swap stories each morning. I typically catch up on news at the hardware or feed store when I’m picking up supplies or feed. Kids’ ballgames, the weather, markets and, yes, the craziness in Washington, D.C. are the usual topics.

New year, new hope for rural America in the fight against COVID

By Alan Morgan and John M. Bridgeland
    A New Year rings in and the COVID pandemic is still with us. Pandemic fatigue is understandable at this point.  But the loss of more than 824,000 Americans to date and the arrival of a new, more transmissible variant, should drive a renewed push to turn the tide.

Broadband, property rights among top Farm Bureau priorities in 2022 legislative session

By Garrett Hawkins
    Another session of the Missouri General Assembly is upon us, and this year looks to be a busy one. With redistricting, members running for higher office and many passionate legislative disagreements, 2022 should have no shortage of fireworks at the state capitol.

More bike trails, please

    Last year was a great year for bike trails. Not only did a new mountain biking trail get opened in Steelville, but the state of Missouri also announced a new rails-to-trails project, the Rock Island Trail, that will run from Beaufort to Kansas City and link up to the Katy Trail. It’s not enough.