Wearing a mask is your patriotic duty

    Throughout the history of our country people have proudly stepped up when called into service during times of crisis. At no time was that more evident than during World War II, when millions served in our military forces abroad and millions more went to factories at home in support of our great nation. We are at war again, this time with an invisible enemy, and it’s time we all did our patriotic duty and put on a mask when we venture out into public to not only save lives, but also restore the health and economic viability of the nation.

A tale of two states - rural and urban Missouri

By Rik W. Hafer
    Missouri’s economy has lagged the national average for many years. Over the past two decades, only a handful of states have expanded at a slower rate. Numerous causes have been suggested, among them a relatively weak educational system and an unfortunate mix of industries. Could one explanation stem from its urban-rural divide?

Remembering Harriett Woods

By Phill Brooks
    As I reflect on the final months of term-limited state legislators who have made a profound difference for the state, I also remember Harriett Woods. While she gained national attention for her efforts for women, I think about what a superb state legislator she became on other issues.

Whether you know it or not, there is systematic racism

    Many are arguing there is no systematic racism in our country and certainly no systematic racism within law enforcement, including one of this week’s letter writers. We tend to forget, however, that we live in a very big country and what is happening (or not happening here) doesn’t reflect what is happening in other places, especially in our major cities.