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Bourbon Park needs you!

    Having a safe and fun place to play is one of the most transformative things human beings do. Play engages and inspires by bringing fun and laughter to children and adults every day. The park board commission believes play is essential for us to thrive. Continuous improvements to the park, encourages everyone in the Bourbon community to live more playful lives. Families that play together stay together.

Trespasser flees from police, charged with felony

    The Bourbon man who was allegedly caught trespassing at a local business and then ran from the cops stands charged with a felony as a result.
    Ronald L. Peters, 40, of Bourbon, faces the charge of class E felony resisting an arrest along with an infraction for trespassing in the second degree for the September 7 incident.

Bourbon man allegedly flees from cops

    A man who fled from a Bourbon police officer on August 28 was later found being held at gunpoint by a property owner near Highway AC. Richard Arthur Baumer Jr., 26, has been charged with class E felony resisting a lawful stop, but as a persistent offender is subject to punishment for a class D felony if he is found guilty of the crime.

Boyfriend charged with assault

    Felony charges have been filed against an ex-boyfriend who allegedly hid in a woman’s home during the night and attacked her when she woke.