Grandkids and Christmas

By Larry Dablemont
       As much as I loved my two little grandsons, I didn't get either of them a Christmas present when they were young. That's because they had toys stacked so high in their home that you couldn't see any corners.

You can find good fishing on the Current, even in winter

By Bill Cooper

           Current River is magical any time of year. Its storied history is preserved within the boundaries of the Ozark Nation al Scenic Riverways for much of its length. Thousands of floaters and fishermen come from around the world annually to visit the stunning natural beauty of Current River country. Perhaps, however, the best way to slow down and take in the incredible beauty, wild character and intricate detail of Current River is with a fly rood in hand.

Discover nature this winter with MDC’s free mobile apps

Winter is an excellent time for outdoor activities, and the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has a free mobile app, MO Outdoors, to make planning those adventures a breeze.
“We’ve made it easier to find places to get out and discover nature,” said MDC Education Regional Supervisor AJ Hendershott. “Anyone with a mobile phone can easily find conservation areas closest to them with complete information on what’s available.”

Missouri State Parks encourages celebrating the new year with First Day Hikes

Is there a better way to kick off the new year than by getting outside and burning off some extra holiday calories? On New Year’s Day, America’s State Parks organization will once again celebrate with the year’s inaugural First Day Hikes initiative.

Bucks make rubs for several reasons

By Larry Dablemont
    There is misinformation about deer rubs on trees that you see in the fall and winter. No, the story that those rubs you see are made by bucks whose velvet antlers are itching and they need to get rid of drying velvet, the blood-filled covering of young, forming antlers, isn’t completely accurate. That is the case with other cervids like elk and moose to a greater extent, but those rubs made by buck deer in November and December, are found as often as those made in September or October.