MDC reminds residents not to place food attractants in CWD counties

Missouri boasts one of the largest deer herds in North America, topping one million in number.  Missouri’s deer herd has been affected by Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in several counties.  CWD is a prion disease, or a disease that affects an animal’s nervous system.

Just another passing of night

By Larry Dablemont
There won't be any New Year’s Eve party here on Lightnin' Ridge. Things will be about like they are almost every night during the winter. Before midnight, a pair of raccoons will be ambling along the small creek that leads down to the river, looking for food that is becoming harder to find because the crawdads are in deep water and the frogs are buried in the mud, just as it has been for hundreds and hundreds of years.

National Deer Association holds event near Potosi

By Bill Cooper
            The National Deer Association has hosted several deer hunting events across Missouri for new deer hunters this year. The most recent event occurred on private property near Potosi.

MDC forester suggests ways to “regift” live Christmas trees to nature

A live Christmas tree brings us many gifts for the season.  From the spicy-sweet aroma, the elegance of their stature, to the charming decorations that adorn them.  But after the holidays, you can carry on the benefits of live Christmas trees in many conservation-friendly ways by regifting them back to nature, according to Missouri Department of Conservation Department (MDC) foresters. 

MDC invites teachers to Discover Nature Schools kindergarten unit workshop Dec. 29 at Wurdack MU Extension Center

The Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) Discover Nature Schools (DNS) program is a win-win opportunity for both educators and students.  It provides high-quality science units designed to meet the needs of teachers while preparing Missouri's students to become life-long conservationists through hands-on experiences in nature.  Multiple units are fine-tuned to serve the needs of grade levels from K-12.