Driftwood, rocks and fishing lures

By Larry Dablemont
    If I were a young man trying to find a decent job, I would buy an old pontoon boat with a good outboard motor and strip everything off of it to just leave a flat deck. I would acquire a couple of chain saws and a powerful winch, hire a couple of young, strong guys, and get rich, spending my days on the lakes around the Ozarks cutting cedar logs, bringing them in and selling them.

Remember these summertime trout fishing tips

By Bill Cooper
    As usual summer recently roared into our lives with temperatures in the nineties. Alas, humans are not the only creatures to suffer. Trout in our Ozark streams begin to suffer from oxygen depletion as water temperatures rise.

Cute, baby wild animals better left alone

    What should you do if you find a fawn in your garage? That’s not a question most people have had to ask themselves, but it was one that faced a St. Louis area family recently. After a call to the Missouri Department of Conservation, they had an answer—leave it alone.

MDC reminds people to celebrate safely this summer

As people celebrate this summer, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reminds everyone to be careful with fireworks, campfires, and other sources of fire that could cause a wildfire.