Legislative fights for leadership

By Phill Brooks
    The recent party caucuses of Missouri's legislature provide an example for the U.S. Congress of a more civil and productive approach to dealing with changes after a general election. Congressional party caucuses have been divided by ideological, political and personality conflicts.

Big tech uses journalism and should pay for it

By John Galer
    The powers that Google and Facebook have over economic and political power in society—especially over the news industry—has caught the attention of lawmakers in Washington, DC. After a close election and many worries over the quality of public debate, many ask if social media have played a role in the misinformation that erodes  our free press and plagues our democracy.

Just four meatpackers control 85 percent of the market

By Darvin Bentlage
    In the last two decades, hundreds of thousands of U.S. cattle producers have gone out of business, and we are currently losing 40 operations per day by some estimates. Just in the last two years, around 1,700 small feedlots run by independent family farmers were put out of business because of corporate consolidation. This has led to an even more centralized production system as the dominant meatpackers favor a single-source system—getting cattle from large operations, run by them for their benefit only.

A four-day week makes good sense for many rural Missouri school districts

    With 25 percent of Missouri school districts—all of them rural—already using a four-day schedule (only one ever made the change and switched back), it looks like many others are going to consider the move. Cuba is considering it now and Steelville began discussing the change last week. Given recent discussions in St. James, it could easily wind up on the school board agenda there soon.

Use these simple tips for keeping weight in check, improving health

By Dr. Graham A. Colditz, Siteman Cancer Center
    Weight can be a tricky topic. While our weight has no bearing on who we are or how we should be viewed or treated, it can be quite important when it comes to health and well-being. And that can be very meaningful—not only to us personally but also to our family, friends and others who care about us.