St. James News

Paving projects completed for the year

    All city paving projects have been completed for the year after Primrose and Aster courts, Huff Street, and a major repaving of Springfield Street were finished to end September.

Kiowa begins electric line upgrade

    Kiowa Line Builders has started replacing old transmission line poles and making repairs to the city’s electric system. Kiowa was the low bidder on the project at $209,200 and was approved by the St. James City Council over the summer to do the work.

City prepares for salt delivery

    The city of St. James is preparing for winter, with annual salt to be delivered later this fall. A Street Department shed was being prepared on Monday so the city can take delivery of salt for road treatment.

New program offered at St. James Senior Center

The St. James Senior Center is pleased to announce a new program: Travels With Terri.