Supreme Court should not make it riskier to scrutinize prominent people

By Kevin Goldberg, Freedom Forum First Amendment Specialist
    “I am not a role model. I’m not paid to be a role model. I’m paid to wreak havoc on the basketball court.”
    So said former professional basketball player Charles Barkley in a 1993 Nike commercial that acknowledged the outsized role athletes—and celebrities—play in society. The public debate around the ad demonstrated the extent to which people believe athletes are role models, showing why we need to be able to scrutinize their actions.

Personal attacks in Congress versus MO

By Phill Brooks
    The recent personal and racially tinged partisan attacks by a couple of U.S. House members and absence of swift discipline stands in stark contrast to how legislators treat one another in Missouri's General Assembly.

Attacks on journalism by Missouri's governor

By Phill Brooks
    I begin this column with a confession. We journalists are reluctant to report about ourselves because under journalism ethics; a reporter should avoid covering something in which the reporter has a conflict of interest.

Petition is the freedom that gets things done

By Lata Nott
    The freedom to petition is one of our most underrated rights. Not many Americans can name it, and those who can tend to undervalue it.
    While the other four freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment—religion, speech, press and assembly—are often the subject of fervent debate and high-profile controversies, petition is usually just the one that nobody can remember.