Steelville News

SHS teacher promotes face coverings

    Steelville High School teacher Deb Schuey spoke to the school board at its monthly meeting on Thursday, October 15. The topic she addressed to the board was a concern about complaints that she was promoting the wearing of face masks to her students. The board did not respond to her statement or questions; instead, Superintendent Mike Whittaker reported he would follow up with her at a later time.

City changes dangerous dog ordinance

    Following a request to waive required liability insurance for a pit bull dog in the city limits, Steelville City Council members voted October 5 to completely revise the city ordinance concerning dangerous dogs in order to avoid breed discrimination but still protect public health and safety.

City residents ask council to waive fees

    Steelville City Council members heard two requests to waive city fees at a meeting held on October 5. The council determined to deny one request and said they’d look further into the other, but one alderman was adamantly opposed to it.

SRO resumes duties at Steelville Schools

    A School Resource Officer is once again working with the Steelville School District after the city and the district came to an agreement on a contract between the two entities at the end of September.