Communism or Socialism

    If there was anyone in this world who knew the reality of communism, it was Solzhenitsyn. Anyone who wants to understand communism (socialism in this country) should take the opportunity to read the book SOLZHENITSYN by Joseph Pearce.

    This man grew up during the first wave of communism in Russia. He became a dedicated member of the communist youth group. He subsequently became a captain in the Russian Army during WWII. His unit fought all the way into Germany and merited many citations. However, shortly after the war he was arrested and sent to one of the many Gulags (prisons) for absolutely no reason. He suddenly found out what communism is all about.
    After being released from prison he began his Gulag trilogy which he had smuggled out of the country and eventually came to the United States. He learned the true nature of communism the hard way. A reader does not have to read this Gulag Archipelago series. Joseph Pearce has written a wonderful biography of Solzhenitsyn’s experience. It is available in our library.
Don Sellers