Text to 911 available in Crawford County

    Crawford County 911 Emergency Services has announces the capability of Text to 911 in Crawford County. With this new service, Crawford County joins the few Public Safety Answering Points in mid-Missouri with Text to 911 capabilities. This feature is available through AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile cellular carriers.

    “Text to 911 will be incredibly useful for hard of hearing, deaf, or speech impaired callers,” said Director Brad England. “It can also help people in situations where a crime is in progress and they cannot speak, such as domestic abuse.”
    The preferred method of contacting 911 is a voice call, however if you are unable to speak or hear, Text to 911 is a great benefit.
    To text 911 in an emergency:
    • Enter the numbers 911 in to the “TO” field.
    • The first message sent to 911 should be brief and contain the location of the emergency and what exactly has taken place.
    • Press “SEND.”
    • Be prepared to answer questions and follow the instructions of the 911 operator.
    While there are many advantages to Text to 911, there are some things to consider. A voice call is always the better option, if available. With Text to 911, your location may not be readily available to the 911 operator. Text messages can take longer to receive and can get out of order. Text to 911 may not be available to citizens if their service is received from a cell tower that is not in Crawford County, as not all counties surrounding Crawford have Text to 911 capability. Additionally, photos and videos cannot be sent to Text to 911 at this time.
    If texting is not available, the user will receive a “bounce back” message stating that 911 texting is not available and instructing the person to attempt a voice call to 911.
    Crawford County 911 Emergency Services would like to provide the following tips if anyone should ever have to use Text to 911:
    • Location is the most important piece of information in order to send you help.
    • Do your best to answer all of the questions that the 911 operator is asking.
    • Do not use abbreviations or emojis but keep texts brief and concise.
    • Text to 911 is for emergencies. Abuse of 911 laws apply to texting as well as voice calls.
    • Do not text and drive. Pull over in a safe place.
    Questions about this new feature can be answered by calling our main office line at 573-775-4911.