School buses are ready to roll

    The Steelville Transportation Department is ready to begin the 2021-22 school year. The drivers and bus mechanic, Terry Palmer, have spent the summer ensuring that the buses are ready to go.

    Drivers will be participating in training sessions prior to the start of the year and routes have been finalized. There have been a couple of changes that parents may want to note. . All bus drivers will be available in the elementary multi-purpose room at the meet your teacher night on Thursday, August 19, from 5 to 6:30 p.m., so please bring your kids to meet their driver.
    The beginning of school is always an exciting time, and our drivers want to make certain that their passengers are delivered to and from school safely. An important part of this is making sure your student knows what they are doing after school daily. Your child will be allowed one morning bus and one afternoon bus. This may be the same bus or two different buses. We realize situations arise when your child may have to ride a different bus, but these bus changes will be kept to a minimum. If after school plans need to be changed, you must call the building secretary before 2:30 p.m. This helps us ensure that we have the students on the correct bus to the correct location every single day.
    In accordance with CDC guidelines, students will be required to wear face masks on the buses. Drivers will have face masks available on the buses, but we encourage you to put your child on the bus with their own face mask. We will continue to use precautions on our buses by enforcing seating charts and sanitizing our buses morning and evenings. Additional information about masks can be found at these links: and  
    Please talk to your children about school bus safety, including the following:
    • Remind them to wait for the bus a safe distance from the road.  
    • They should never chase or run after a bus.  
    • If they drop something near the bus, remind them to not pick it up until they have talked to the driver.  
    • Wait for the driver to signal that it is safe to cross the road.  
    • Encourage them to follow the bus rules that are posted in each bus, and to talk to the driver if they have any questions or concerns.  
    Parents are encouraged to contact Jodie Cottrell, Transportation Director, at (573)775-3155 or (573)775-2144 if they have any questions. Together, we can ensure the safety of our students.

Steelville R-3 School Bus Routes

Bus #1:   Birds Nest/Pine Street/Perkins Lane – Bekah Kelley
Route begins on Birds Nest Road with stops on Birds Nest Road to Highway 19.  Route includes all of 19 North of town; Becker Road; Lucky Clover Road; Cobblestone Road; McCormick Road and Golden Oak.  
In town this route includes all stops on Pine St. (Hwy. 19)., and Wee Care Day Care.
Bus #2:   HWY E/Kehner Rd/Dogwood Lane – Pete Stringer
Route begins on Christy Mine Rd and continues to Highway E making stops along Highway E including the east end of Moutray Road to Hwy 8.  Route turns onto Kehner Road making stops, turns around and returns to East Hwy 8 then turns onto Dogwood Lane before going to the middle school/elementary campus.  NO STOPS WILL BE MADE ON HWY 8!
Bus #3:   West – Terri Lea
Route begins on Stiller Road, continues to Klein Road and onto Highway U.  Highway U to Highway M to the West end of Keysville Rd, Evans Rd and Cedar Lane.  The route continues to Clinton Hill and Euclid to Highway 19.  From Highway 19 to 4th Street, Church St., Cemetery Rd. Gibbs Care Center, Steelville apartments. Robin Hill Drive afternoons only
Bus #4:    East – Monica Payne
Route begins on Moutray Road then continues to Center Point Loop and the east end of Oak Ridge Road. Route continues along East Highway 8 making stops from Center point Rd on East Hwy 8 then turning on Industrial Drive to Frisco St.  This route includes all stops on Frisco Street at the corners of High Street, Hickory Street, and Lynn Street and the corner of High and First Street before continuing to Cedar St., and  Martin Trailer Park before going to the middle school/elementary campus.
Bus #5:   Cook Station/Wesco – Patricia Martin      
Route begins on Pitts Road, Burley Ridge Road, Clark Road, Trading Post Road and onto Highway YY.  Route makes stops along Highway YY through Cook Station and onto Bales Rd and Old Mine Road before returning to Highway M.  Route then turns down Highway VV making stops including Beers Road then down to Wesco and south end of Klein Road before returning to Highway M making stops all the way to Hwy 8 West.  The bus will not turn onto Martin Rd, but will pick up at the end of Martin Rd. Stops are made on Hwy. 8 West from Hwy M to Hwy. 19.  Route includes Candy Cane RV Park
Bus #6:   19 South to Cherryville – Richard Martin
Route begins on the south end of Hwy. 19 from Bowers Road to Valleyside Road including Seven Cedars Road, Imperial Lane and Woolsey Road making stops along Hwy 19. Bus will stop at high school to unload and load.  Route continues making stops on Highway 19 between the high school and Mill Springs Sub-division.  This route includes Mill Springs Sub-division, Cardinal Lair, Hair & Body Care, and Nature Lane.
Bus #7:   Bowers/Valleyside – Julia Diehl
Route begins on Highway BB making stops along the way then turning onto Bowers Road to Valleyside Rd. then to Highway 19 making stops on Highway 19 from Valleyside to the high school.  Bus will then stop at high school to unload and load and then continue to the middle school/elementary campus.
This will include Blueberry Lane.
Bus #8:   Huzzah – Trish Callahan
Route begins on Hobo Road to Sanders cutoff then to Huzzah Creek Road. Route returns to Hobo then to Cherry Valley Road to Long Springs Rd.  Once in town, this route will continue to First St. making stops at the corner of First and Hawthorne, turning down Hawthorne making a stop at the corner of Hawthorne and Jefferson St., then turning right onto Gridley and stopping at First and Gridley, First and Jennings Court, then at the corner of Havana and Decker before going to the middle school/elementary campus.
Bus #9:   Liberty – Angie Green
Route begins on Liberty Road at Center Point Rd, continues through Liberty community to Cool Valley Lane.  Route returns to Highway TT. Bus turns into Timber Glen, Oak Ridge and Hickory Ridge.  Bus returns to Highway TT with stops on Trail’s End Road and Sanke Road then returns to Highway TT.  Once in town, route then picks up at CCCC at Steelville Presbyterian Church before going to the middle school/elementary campus.
Route includes Meramec Trails Lane and River Ridge Lane
Bus #10:  Berryman – Jim Davis
Route begins on Highway Z, and then continues to Hwy. Y and Wildlife Lane.  It travels back to Berryman Cut-off Rd.  Stops are made on Highway 8 from Berryman to Kehner Road and from the City Park to town.  This route includes Blunt Rd and Eagle Hurst Road to Westover, Country Mart, Steelville Telephone Office, Community Park, Steelville Bowling Center, Bass River Resort, and Huzzah Valley Resort.
RTI #10:  Rolla – Jim Davis
Steelville High School to Rolla
Bus #11:  Keysville – Leroy Martin
Route begins on Cherryville Road, travels to Gray Rd., New Home Rd. to Highway AA (Keysville Rd.).  Stops are made along Highway AA including stops on Fire Tower Rd, Patrick St. and South First St.
Bus #12:  Meramec – Sandi Martin
Route begins on Meramec Farms Rd. and makes stops on Highway 8 West from the Meramec River to Highway M.  Route includes Chamiere Farms Road, Thurman Lake Road, Indian Springs Road, Signal Hill Lane and Highway T.  In town, route includes Grand and Bird’s Nest Road from 19 to the river including Woodcrest Trailer Ct. and Robin Hill drive in the mornings.  Miles Towing
Bus #19:  Early Childhood/Great Circle – Olivia Counts                                    
    Steelville area
Bus #20:  St. Clair Co-op – Miranda Davis (Brenda Palmer)
    Steelville area to Franklin County Co-op in Anaconda