It’s time to wake up America

    WAKE UP AMERICA! NOW IS THE TIME! For what you may ask? It’s obvious, but if you need to be told, then let me tell you. MADE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

    It’s time for the 77,000 manufacturing factories we lost thanks to Bill Clinton’s NAFA (agreement) to be brought back to the USA. People are starting to bring this up on the talk radio programs my husband and I have been listening to. I’ve been saying it for a very long time. Do it, bring them home!
    Cut the red tape you have to go through to start a business. It has been proved time after time that when the federal, state and local government get their noses out of your business, people get things done.
    Are you tired like I am of buying junk made overseas? We used to buy well-made household appliances that would work for many, many years, not just a few weeks or even a few months. I’ve lost track of how many coffee pots I have bought. And how many freezers and washing machines do I need to buy in an eight-year period? It’s right when the warranty runs out. Junk!
    What happened to name-brand loyalty where you could rely on what grandma and mom would buy and were proud of? This doesn’t just apply to household items. Let’s also not forget everything from vehicles, automotive parts, hand tools to construction supplies. More junk! The scariest of all is our medications. I wasn’t raised in a throw-away society. Money does not grow on trees! When I spend my money, I want the items to be reliable and dependable.
    My husband used to work for a well-known custom welding and machine shop in this area. He and his boss believed in repairing an item to last another 100 years. So when a different repair was needed on different equipment the customer would be knocking on his boss’ door. A lot of you know who I am talking about, their names are Chip and Joann.
    This is why I am glad to hear that our Attorney General Eric Schmitt is stepping up to the plate and suing China over the coronavirus. The rest of the USA needs to do the same thing. It is time for them to pay! The lawsuit should include in it the trillions of dollars of debt we owe them be wiped clean. In other words it’s Paid In Full! Also seize all of their property and assets they have purchased in this country. Remember you cannot buy/own property in their country. Now if anyone out there who reads this and thinks this is a great idea, speak up! Call your elected officials and voice your opinion.
    So, if you know the history of this country, which your children are not being taught anymore. You would know that this country is based on pulling itself up by its own bootstraps and getting to work. You earned what you have and it wasn’t handed out to you. In my lifetime we have never shut down our country because of a virus, of which there are hundreds, or anything else. Our ancestors struggled through hard times for us to have a better life and freedom. So unless you want to be owned by China someday and live, or not live, under communism, you better wake up!
    You’re getting a sample of it right now. For a lot of you this is what you voted for and are now getting what you voted for. As for those of you who didn’t vote, you have no voice, you can’t say anything, don’t whine! And remember our Governor Mike Parson didn’t ask us to close up our livelihoods, he ordered us to lockdown against our constitution rights. As so did our local officials.
    I keep hearing people say God Bless America. The thing is He already has!
Coan Liszewski